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Life As We Knew It!

This is a really captivating book.  At the beginning of this story every one is hyped up waiting for an asteroid to hit the moon. Then everything goes wrong, the moon is hit out of orbit and comes a lot closer to Earth. The tides are messed up so there are tidal waves all over the coasts. Our gravitational pull is changed so volcanoes star erupting all over the Earth. Electricity is out every where. Food is running short. What to do?
20/10: Amazing and Unbeliveable!


In this saga Bella, a clumsy human meets someone..out of the ordinary, He is beautiful, smart, and evasive. So why does she persue him? Turns out Edward is a vampire, they are perfect! Except for the fact that- he could kill her with a flick, what will she do?
    I love this book! it is amazzzing! The plot is superior to almost anything I have read!
Stars out of 5-*****=5!

I am a huge nerd, so I love this website!!!!!! It is amazing! You can do an assortment of logic puzzles, from Maze-A-Pix to Karuku to Battleship!!!!

We love your website!

Beverly Hills Chihuahua!!!

Ok, as far as talking dog movies goes this was pretty good, (my friends and I wanted to see something...different)  Anyways, one of the main characters, Chloe, was dognapped and brought to a dog fight arena where she is put against the all time champion! It is up to her friend, a german shepard, to save her, while this is happening, Papi, Chole's owners landscapers dog  is looking for his "Corazon" as he calls Chloe. Defindly the best talking chihuahua romance movie I have seen. One huge rip-off I went to see dancing chihuahuas.....not one!!!


I think that this game is very challenging, it is designed for 6-10 year olds, yet my and my friend have trouble with it!
(we played because we got bored)

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