Sam and Celeste: Magic Awesomness!


Welcome to Magic Awesomenesss

The site is running smoother now, I have found a way to fix the browser problems, so enjoy

~Sam and Celeste


Updates should occur around Saturday each week!

Ok, we are adding a few new parts to the site:

First we have articals from Ange, these will be debating things that don't matter. Our first one should be up by Wednesday.

Second we are proud to introduce Sean and Squarky! They are amazing, We should have a bio of Squarky up on their page in two days,Sean is still writing.

We also have a review page coming where we will review resteraunts, movies,[these may be late because we are not paying eight dollars to get into a movie every week] books,and anything else!

All our love-Sam and Celeste

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