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Post Title. 10/31/2008

Because I am grounded I can only sneak on, so, here is my friends story:
Ok so she is having a purple baby Chevy and her two best friends are puppets made with her practice jersey: Wilbur and Blumor. Thank you!
Akkkk groundation till: January 8th!!! My school dosn't support weebly!

Guest book! 10/26/2008

If you view the site go a head and sign the guest book, just post a comment!


Ok, so i just go back from somewhere down south, which i won't tell you because of stalkers, but it is in the middle of nowhere! So anyways, we rode four wheelers and i drove one like i swear on roads like they advertise on commercials, lots of flooding and rocks. At one point when we just started the person in front of me stopped and it was really sudden so i tried to grab the brakes, but i guess my head is faster then my hands and i accidentily layed my thumb on the gas lever, and although we didn't crash, it was like 6 inches apart! My dad found an arrow head too, that was semi-cool. Btw, i am reading a really good book, called- Life As We Knew It, by Susan Beth Pfeffer. It is amazing, when i finish i will write a review!

Something really important: By Best Friend was there her name is Kathleen =]

Happy B-day! 10/24/2008

Hiya Megan~
This post is just for you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Biiiiirthday dear Megan,
Happy Birthday to you!

No, I don't get on much anymore but, you should write a review about it in the reviews page under websites!
Tell your family I said hi!

Liz~ I know, it is pretty awesome! If all goes as planned we will have a video/fake commercial where we advertise a webbie we use in class,
Chrissy~ Glad to see you got on! Did writing it on you binder help?

Speaking of advertising and reminders, tell your friends about the website, we want as many pageviews as we can get!!!!

~Ουράνιος- that is Celestial in greek, it won't translate my name, so i went with the alternative! 
Luvs ya!

EDIT for comment~ No your evil twin sister liz.


Ok, so my class went on a field trip to a really cool/nerdy place, so it was perfect for me B) And I would just like to say, I now have night mares about squirrels and dolls. *shiver*.
So Makkie and I, she has a webbie too, were bored and eating sunflower seeds, so we were wondering what havok throwing a sunflower seed out the window would reek, and it turned crazzzzy!
So we throw a sunflower seed out the window and it hits the windshield of a semi, and the driver goes crazy because he just cleaned the windshield and he isn't paying attention to the road and hits the side of the bus which goes headlong into a ditch and hits a tree, all the kids survive until a squirrel, who dropped his acorn when we hit the tree, had a heart attack from the shock of not having his nut. He then fell on the bus and killed everyone because he was over weight. He was rushed to the E.R. by the semi driver. At the hospital they decided that the only treatment would be to fill him with jolly ranchers and helium and magnets that are attracted to treetops in his tail. So once he was full they let him go where he immediatly flew up to the top of a tree. He was soo lonley that he became emo and started cutting, but of course there was no blood, only jolly ranchers came out, and since he was soo mad that there wasn't blood the threw the jolly rancher which hit a semi and the whole thing started over with another squirrel, only they filled him with hot dogs. That is how the tree colony was started, now whenever they are low in numbers they go emo.
Hope you liked it!
=] C3l35+13

Randomness 10/18/2008

Ok, like i knew i would i forgot to put entries in, so you will have to bear with me, sorry!
But, on a good note, well, I have a B in algebra! Yay, it is a double advanced class >=P
Yah, Love ya!
Hay!!!! wait!
For Our IDK? section, we will now be posting here! Leave your comments here, we will delete the IDK? page!

Comment replies----
Sean~ I'm glad he likes it
Megan~ Glad to see you checking out the website =] and tell your bro I said hi! Hope he recognizes you next time ^^
Elizabeth~ I could not get kinks worked out and this works better =]

October, 14th! 10/14/2008

Today in Algebra, the homework was....hard, I had some issues with it. Umm besides that, I had another game, a tournament actually, out team took a long time to get into the game but after that we did really well. We lost, but it was close! We took fourth over all, it was a tournament.
All my love!
P.S. In school we are doing a section on proverbs, so I have one for you today,
While the cat is away the mice will play, this amused me because we had a sub ^^
P.P.S. I love our sub!

First Post! 10/13/2008

Ok, so hopefully I will remember to journal here daily! Starting Now!
So today I had a game, our team did really well! In 7th hour I got cuppy cakes! That made me happy! =] :] :)
My daddy is making me go, so this didn't start well but hopefully it will get better!
<3  Celestie!
Ps: Elizabeth posted a comment about cup cakes, and i would like to make a correction. It is Cuppy Cake
Edit to comment~ Yes it is, lol jk luvs you =]



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